What to Expect

Born out of the desire to share the healing powers of Mindfulness, Yoga & Meditation and Master education in both hair and business; we've crafted a weekend away for you to nourish your mind, rest your body and master your skills. THE ELEVATED STYLIST is being hosted in one of Ontario's premiere kids camps, Camp Walden. Its located just outside the town of Bancroft, Ontario.  Walden is surrounded by acres of peaceful woodland and a private lake.

The Experience

Your accommodations:

Shared accommodation
 (linens and bedding included)
BYOB (bring your own blowdryer)

Classes & workshops:
We've designed the weekend so you have options to do either cutting or colour classes. We've also carved out time so you can take advantage of the wellness and industry development  workshops. 

Workshops are in a choose your own adventure style, there will be something for everyone.

What you will Learn over the weekend:

Advanced colouring techniques
Customizable haircutting techniques
Unique cutting methods
Balayage, colour-melting and blending techniques

Social media & Branding 
Money making consultations
How to develop high performance habits ( so you can works smarter not harder)

How to reduce/ avoid burnout while building yourself and your business behind the chair

Reduce fear, anxiety and doubt  so you can live your best life. 

Wellness :

There will be daily yoga (designed just for hairstylist), meditation, mindful hike on the grounds, archery, canoeing, and chill-out time  in one of our chill zones.

Food & Beverages:
Camp Walden is equipped with their own private chef. We can accommodate any allergies so please let us know. Healthy snacks and beverages throughout the day will be provided. Light alcoholic beverages will be provided in the evening


Sunset campfire gathering with the artists, with champagne and cider.

Bonfire lantern ceremony and Mix & Mingle social under the starts designed for you to hang out and connect with peers.

The Results

Along with upgrading your skills, the experience will provide you with the foundation to build solid routines and rituals to help you achieve physical and mental wellness. These methods will help you feel more focused, activate your creativity and be able to remain calm in a chaotic environment. Hairstylist run on adrenaline for year until that burns out. We are here to help prevent burnout and guide you to a healthier life and career.


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