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Elevated Stylist Educators

Education is an important pillar to our success as hairstylists. Every year we are seeking newer, better and more advanced skills to add to our toolbox. But It doesn’t end there! We also need insight, motivation and inspiration to fuel us for the future. At Elevated Stylist, we have curated top level education design to advance your skills and as well, a team of speakers to empower you to rise! 

Meet Our 2021 Virtual Retreat Educators

At Elevated Stylist we collaborate with the industry’s most insightful, unique and empowering educators who bring different elements into their teachings. Our educators all have  something unique to teach that we know will help elevate your craft to a whole new level. Meet our 2020 Educators.

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Meet Our Business & Wellness Expert: 
Dawn Bradley

Dawn has been in the beauty industry for nearly two decades and spent the last 10 years as a business owner. She helps other entrepreneurs see that success doesn’t lie in the hustle, but rather in the ability to rock it in their business while still having a life. 

Meet Dawn
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Meet Our Color Expert: 
Katrina Kelly

Katrina has been working in the hair industry for 25 years and is the proud owner of Cut Social and Katrina Kelly Education. She is an international educator and part of the color design team for Joico, artist, salon owner and mother to two beautiful children!

Meet Katrina
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Meet Our Cutting Expert:
Jo McIntyre 

After years of practice, they developed their own personal style that marries Razor + Scissor cutting. Jo loves the fluidity of intuitive cutting and the structure of Sassoon cutting philosophy. They are a nonbinary trans hairstylist and educator based in Indianapolis, IN, USA. Jo uses they/them pronouns.  

Meet Jo
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Meet Our Yoga Expert: 
Sierra Armstrong

With over a 1000+ hrs of Yoga  therapy training Sierra has designed this daily sequence with your aches and pains of standing all day in mind, and will be ended with a beautiful mediation to prime your mind and set the tone of the day.  

Meet Sierra

Hair Educators from Past Retreats

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The Conscious Glow Up

A Mindful Approach To Intuitive Haircutting W/ Lo Shabino | Using both technical and visual approaches utilizing a straight razor and shears, you will be shown how to be mindful in your cutting approach and create shapes that marry suitability and confidence within each person in your chair.

Meet Lo
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Blonding 101

 As an educator of 6 years Poe has made it a mission to change the way our industry is viewed by uplifting stylists around the globe. She will be diving deep into the knows and hows of blonding and how to properly remove colour from the hair without compromise! Which is an essential foundation for creating beautiful fashion tones that last. 

Meet Presley
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Curl Magic

This is a 2-part class where Chrissy will dive into the magic of curls ranging from waves to tighter textures. What’s important to Chrissy beyond the haircut and styling, is the empowerment you can give to your guest when they leave the chair knowing that their hair is as special as they are.

Meet Chrissy
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Starlights : A New Dimension

- What sectioning is and why it is so important.
- Neal's Starlights sectioning for dimensional vivids, pastel blondes and dimensional watercolor looks!
- How to make vivid hair color look sophisticated and tasteful
-How to make that beautiful money piece!

Meet Neal

Workshop Mentors from Past Retreats

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Mindfullness 101: Stress Less, Feel Amazing

Reena is a Mindfulness Meditation Enthusiast who is dedicated to helping professionals find balance, calm and creativity in the chaos of their everyday lives. 

Meet Reena
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Vision Boarding + Essential Oils

Emily combines essential oils  and creative visualization into everything she does. She will be heading our Vision Boarding workshop.

Meet Emily
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Energy Balancing

Ashleah has certifications in Healing Touch and Reiki. She utilizes Emotional Freedom Technique, Polarity Therapy, and many more. She will be focusing on teaching you methods for selfcare beyond just a bubble bath.

Meet Ashleah
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Know your numbers; grow your business

Alicia is former salon owner turned Founder and CEO of Salon Scale. She found a lack of smart technology in the hair industry and decided to change that. Join her for a brilliant workshop on Salon Business, where she  will teach you:
-The ins and outs of your spreadsheet
-Break down your financial insecurities
-Set yourself up for growth

Meet Alicia
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I am Insta Worthy

The tea Bri’s spilling in this class is Instagram's biggest kept secret, this strategy stands the test of time no matter how many times the algorithm changes. We’re talking about how to lean into your magic & superpowers to attract your dream clientele, and be the best you.

Meet Bri
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Show up Like an Abundant Boss

Anna is committed to guiding her fellow sister entrepreneurs on creating more abundance in their business while making a badass impact. She will be teaching the importance and impact of committing to a Morning Magic Routine  and owning your value and worth in business and in life!

Meet Anna

Guest Speakers from Past Retreats

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Unlocking your success

Jamie is hairstylist, salon owner, educator and recently turned coach. She has gained massive success with all of her businesses using various teachings and rewiring her mind. This year she will be wowing us with her new curriculum backed by science.

Learning objectives:
-The science of the mind
-How to release your limiting beliefs
-How to rewire your mind for success
-How to become a master at manifestation

Meet Jamie
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The Confidence Talk

By openly sharing her triumphs and tribulations, Raia uses her vulnerability to foster a welcoming and safe environment in every room she enters. She strives to inspire and lead those around her by providing unwavering support, guidance, and motivation.

By equipping them with tangible tools to implement in their daily life immediately, Raia steers her audience towards self-awareness, resilience, and sustainable success.

Meet Coach Carey

Wellness Coaches from Past Retreats

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Elevated Yoga

With over a 1000+ hrs of Yoga  therapy training Sierra has designed this daily sequence with your aches and pains of standing all day in mind, and will be ended with a beautiful mediation and sound healing from Dane Osorio to set the tone of the day.

Meet Sierra
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Chakra tuning with sound healing

Dane is more than a sound healer, he is a holder of space for those around him. With his extensive experience in plant medicine Dane has tapped into another energy that helps those around him heal, feel relaxed and recharged.

Meet Dave

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Don't worry! We want this type of education for hairstylists and salon owners to be available for everyone so we've decided to make the recordings available to you so you can learn from top industry leaders.

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