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FALL 2020

Is This For Me?


 You  pour your heart and soul into your craft, you spend long hours at the salon, and often sacrifice your wellness for the LOVE OF HAIR. 
Now you're feeling the fatigue and burnout of standing all day and pouring your energy into your guests, your team and your craft.

Its time for a  little break from the salon!  A weekend getaway to nourish your mind, rest your body and reignite your spirit so you can continue creating. Its a great opportunity to upgrade your skills , learn new tools and  ELEVATE your hair game.

OUR MISSION is to inspire change not only in the way we work, but the way we live.  We want you to leave with a wealth of professional knowledge to help boost your career and take home wellness tools to take better care of your mind and body.  But above  we want you to feel EMPOWERED to make you dreams come true.

Join us for an unforgettable weekend of


We've hand picked some of the industries top leaders who value wellness as much as they value education. At The Elevated Stylist Retreat you will have the opportunity to participate in all 4 classes which are in an intimate look & learn format.

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Bronde Business 

Learn how to add dimension, depth and tonality to blonde hair. 

Meet Jamie

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Mindful Haircutting

Learn how to customize your guests haircuts with foundational techniques 

Meet Brian

@jayne_edosalon 73k following

Razor Craft & Hand Styling

Learn Jaynes famous shag haircut and face framing bangs and layers. 

Meet Jayne

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Blended Balayage

Learn Farahana's Signature blended balayage technique

Meet Farhana

What The Weekend Looks Like

A choose your own adventure weekend filled with hair classes, workshops and fun evenings.

Be Inspired and Feel Empowered

We know its more than just hair we need to learn in order to rise to our potential. We've brought on some amazing visionaries and speakers will help you break limiting beliefs, create high performance habits and give you the tools to reduce stress and anxiety so you can perform at your peak while maintaining optimal happiness!

Mindset Coach

The Aligned Mind

Empower your mindset for Success, Abundance and Joy.

Meet Anna

Mindfulness Matters

Reena is a Mindfulness Meditation Enthusiast who is dedicated to helping professionals find balance, calm and creativity in the chaos of their everyday lives. 

Meet Reena

Inspiring Keynote Speaker

Finding your Greatness.

Meet Alexander

An All Inclusive Experience


We have taken some of our favourite elements of  wellness, master hair education and mindfulness and combined it into a FUN weekend experience!

You will leave with a new sense of focus, a boost in your creativity, reduced stress and a strong connection with your fellow stylists who value community and collaboration.


You will have the opportunity to upgrade your:

Balayage & Colour-melting 
Custom colouring techniques
Unique cutting and styling  methods.

(you are welcome to take all 4  classes, that are all look&learn)

We want to see you succeed in more than just hair, so we have crafted workshops in:

Social media mastery
Money-making consultations
Vision-board crafting


We want you to feel rejuvenated, relaxed and have a deep sense of connection.  

Wake  up to daily Yoga and meditation specially designed for our weekend.

Relax in one of our chill-zones
( the Zen Den or the Lotus Lounge)

other activities
Nature Walks
and Camp activities



(what's included)
Transportation to and from the event
Accommodation (bedding included)
Career development workshops

All 4 intimate look & learn classes 

(valued at $4200)

Wellness activities
 (daily yoga & meditation)

Gourmet meals
prepared by a renowned private chef ( includes 3 meals, snacks and all beverages including alcohol)

Evening entertainment includes:
Champagne at sunset with intimate fireside chats, and an Intention setting Lantern Ceremony and celebratory cocktails under the stars with all your new friend. 

The industries best Swag bag 

from our generous sponsors.

The minds behind the hearts

Born out of appreciation for their peers, The Elevated Stylist is Canada's first educational retreat exclusively for hairstylists, with wellness in mind.

Co-founders Sonia Yarkhani and Jody Kezar, owners of Evolve Salon in Toronto are successful young entrepreneurs who have a passion for connection, a thirst for knowledge and live by their core value of balance, gratitude and mindfulness by not only incorporating this into their lives but also their salon environment.

With a combined 30 years in the salon industry, Sonia and Jody realized there was a lack of wellness and mindfulness in the hair industry.

Day after day, salon professionals are putting out energy while they take care of their guests, on their feet for long hours, and often left with little time to recharge and replenish their mind, body and souls.

Camp Walden


Its located just outside the town of Bancroft, Ontario.  Walden is surrounded by acres of peaceful woodland and a private lake.  

Its an opportunity to turn off and tune in as we explore elevated education, mindfulness, yoga and evening by the camp fire.




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